Aquapower Industrial Services
Industrial Hydro Cleaning, Demo & Surface Preparation

Areas such as ship decks that are contaminated with rust can be removed and provide a bond for a suitable corrosion protective paint.

Surface preparation experts available for restoration and industrial coating projects.

Hydro blasting can prepare steel and concrete surfaces, perfect for creating an ideal bonding surface before an industrial coating is applied.

Environmentally friendly method of surface preparation eliminating dust pollution and abrasives

Aquapower Industrial uses the latest generation hydro jetting technology to quickly and accurately prep surfaces of tanks, bridges, ship decks, marine vessels and various steel and concrete structures.

There are four methods to hydro blasting…

Low-pressure water cleaning uses less than 5,000psi to clear away marine organisms or loose pieces of rust, paint, dirt and salt before the chief surface preparation and industrial coating process begins.

High pressure water cleaning uses between 5,000psi – 10,000psi is a light cleaning method which removes rust and paint in the hollows to allow our operators to see where such extreme surface preparation is and isn’t needed.

High pressure water at pressures between 20000psi  and 36000psi are the most commonly used  pressures to effectively strip all unwanted materials during the surface preparation process or for concrete demolition.

Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is for stubborn jobs such as marine cleaning where we use 36,000psi to prepare the surface.

Aquapower Industrial Services uses a combination of water blasting guns and spider machines to offer a leading surface preparation and industrial coating service which is non-invasive, cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


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